Flickr Suite Content Plugin

September 4th, 2013

The Flickr Suite Content Plugin is a full featured, responsive (mobile ready), reliable and versatile plugin to display photos and videos from your Flickr account beautifully on your Joomla website using a simple expression:

[flickr set= xxx] (where xxx is the set id, brackets can be changed to {})

The plugin supports various type of media from flickr:
– Single photo’s ( [flickr photo=xxx] )
– Sets ( [flickr set=xxx] )
– Videos ( [flickr video=xxx] )
– User photo streams ( [flickr user=xxx] )
– Group pools ( [flickr group=xxx] )
– Tags ([ flickr tag=” xxx, xxx”] )
– Galleries ([flickr gallery=xxx])

Other high regarded features are:
– Authentication: Access all photos on your flickr account and control privacy settings
– Display random photos (great for use in a module)
– Geo information: Locate your photo on google maps.
– Enable or disable download of the original photos
– Multiple thumbnail styles
– Display one flickr photo on your website linked
to a selection of flickr photos in the image viewer.

The plugin features the popular and highly configurable Highslide image viewer to display your flickr photos. The plugin includes various options to configure the image viewer and more will be available in future releases.

## A license to use Highslide with the flickr slideshow plugin on commercial websites is included with your download. ##

Please visit our website for an elaborate demo of the features of the Flickr Suite Content Plugin.