October 7th, 2013

Flow restricts, adjusts, replaces and enhances your content. It is a toolbox for every Joomla! developer.

Flow is a flexible, event driven framework that enables you to restrict content, With this, you can restrict all content, no matter what components you are working with.

Flow is an application blender. Through the use of its ‘modules’ it can make all 3rd party components operate seamlessly together, as if they were designed that way in the first place.

By targeting the same requests that trigger the other components and processes on your site, it can modify their behaviour according to what access you have granted the user.

Each user is given any number of Flow Applications, which are simply records made up of 3 or 4 details each. These ‘applications’ are then implemented by Flow’s ‘modules’, which do the work. If the user does not have the right combination of applications then certain actions can be configured to override those of the targeted component.

Attach Flow to your registration system of choice and those ‘applications’ will be assigned to that new user on registration completion.

This is content restriction that can be both understood and controlled with ease.

* Control access to 3rd party applications
* Traps login redirects and shows login-in a lightbox
* Auto forwards to accessed page following login
* Redirect links generated by 3rd party components, modules and plugins
* Auto-refresh on any page
* Set triggers to match actions of other applications, and then create XML to exchange data between them. Or download a module already made, either PHP or XML modules.
* Assign applications individually to users
* Authentication wrapper both frontend and backend
* Load multiple component views on Flow’s Stage page
* Create your own data sets and forms
* Expire users automatically according to their membership expiry date.
* Modify HTML content just before rendering
* Insert Tracking codes on every page
* Restrict content on your site regardless of which component produces it
* Restrict access to content based on which applications you allow each individual user to have
* Far simpler than ACL

If you know a little PHP you can do even more with Flow. You don’t need to worry too much about control code, Flow takes care of that, leaving you to simply write those bespoke checks that only make sense to your site.

You can extend the functionality of other components using Flow.

Flow is now at version 2.0 (stable) and is more powerful than ever!