Flyout Module Position

April 15th, 2013

Flyout Module PositionFlyout is a smart way to grab your audience’s attention to anything important. That is why it has become almost like an industry standard for User Experience and User Interface design. When an user comes to the end of content, things sitting in a flyout is a great way to call for action.

Flyout Module Position is a great system plugin for Joomal that allows you to load any module from your site in it. You have full control of the flyout looks and style which makes it very easy to blend the flyout and its content with rest of the site.

The way it works is very simple and straight forward. You either select a module position or more or give module IDs to indicate which module you want to load in flyout. The flyout can be loaded either on left or right side of the page and comes with many customization options for its look.


* Core Features:

** Shows any module or modules in Flyout
** Module settings: By selection of module position or module ids
** Very simple to use. Just give Module ID or select Module Positions
** Flyout control (when and style)

* Design related features:

** Flyout When? (Scroll Full Window/ Scroll Half Window / Scroll End)
** Flyout Styles: Fade in/out and Slide in/out
** Choose the background color for the main display box from visual color picker or with Hex color code
** Choose the border color for the tooltip (image previewer) from visual color picker or with Hex color code
** Gradient options

* Caching related feature:

** No use of javascript / jquery to slowdown your site
** Uses advanced caching for high efficiency

* Mobile Device Compatible:

** Detect mobile device, show/ hide option