Fonts, usability, widgets … Oh my!

May 21st, 2010

Here is a nice shiny new build. It is particularly interesting for our Linux and FreeBSD users in that it contains a several nice *nix fixes, including crash and freeze fixes, fixes that improve usability, fixes to widgets and three font bugs are fixed. (Yes, we know it hasn’t fixed all the font issues yet!

In addition we have fixed a cross platform issue with the reload menu and done some Windows widgets fixes. 😉

Enjoy the build and the weekend!

Mac Known Issues

  • Java is not fully working after OS 10.6 Java Update 2 and OS 10.5 Java Update 7

UNIX Known Issues

  • Java is not working
  • IME is not working
  • Some font issues remain

WARNING: This is a development snapshot with the latest changes. It may contain severe bugs and cause data loss.