Form Builder for ZOO

November 1st, 2013

Form Builder for ZOOForm Builder for ZOO allows you to render a Contact (or other) from as a ZOO item on your website, using ZOO Elements as the form fields.

Current form fields include:


Form Builder for ZOO uses a clever piece of JavaScript to send the data to your email address no matter what form elements you use and no matter what order you render them.

All the fields are customizable in YooThemes UIKit framework (which gets auto-loaded with the plugin). The submit button can also be customized with icons etc.

Once you have used ZOO element structure to build your form, you can publish a menu item to the ZOO item and your website visitors can send you their details.

—————NEW IN VERSION 1.1.4————

Two new elements have been added to the roster:

– Anti-Spam
– Honeypot

This allows you to render a small “Are You human” addition or subtraction sum that user must answer correctly to prove they are human. The values are configurable.

this renders a ‘hidden’ input field on the form that is not visible to human users but IS visible to bots. therefore only bots fill it in! If the form is submitted with a value inserted in the ‘hidden’ input, then the mail is marked as spam! No inconvenience to your users!

Many thanks to our current subscribers for their awesome feedback!