Form to Mail

December 21st, 2013

Form to MailForm to Mail is a Joomla extension that allows to create web forms and to receive the data posted from those forms into an email.

The feature that makes this product unique is that it lets you to visually add/modify/delete the form fields using a modern jQuery interface that doesn’t require any coding or HTML skills. The process is 100% visual and really fast. You can start with the predefined contact form and add a field to it just by dragging any of the field types into the form.

Form to Mail also includes a friendly field validation (ex: for required fields, emails, numbers, etc…), a captcha image verification to automatically detect and stop spam from spam-bots and the possibility of sending an automatic (auto-reply) email to the user that fills the form, usually with a “thank you” or “confirmation” message.

Basically, the main features are:

* Allows to create and publish many forms into the website.
* Visual configuration of the form with a modern form builder.
* Supports various field types: Single line text, number, email, uploads, form separators, comments, date pickers, paragraph text, check-boxes, multiple-choice radio buttons and drop-down select fields.
* Allows customizing the contents of the email sent to the website administrators with the data filled by the end-user.
* Supports multiple destination email addresses.
* Allows sending an automatic “thank you” / “confirmation” message to the end-user that filled the form.
* Includes field validation.
* Includes an easy way to edit the field validation messages, for example to translate them to your preferred language.
* Includes captcha image verification for preventing spam.
* Automatic upload processing.
* Specific tags for each field are available to customize the content of the emails.
* Ajax verification for the captcha image, so the form isn’t refreshed for making that verification and no need to re-type the data.
* Available as Joomla component, module and plugin, you can insert it anywhere.