FREE Slideshow Widget

May 25th, 2012

Finally the best FREE Custom Slideshow Slider Widget available!

Slideshow Slider widget Features:
★ Custom Colors
★ Over 20 different transition options!!
★ Customize slideshow sliders size
★ Slideshow sliders dimensions
★ Slideshow sliders style and so much more
★ This Slideshow slider will work with every style of website.

The perfect Slideshow Slider for matching your theme or colors.
Download the slideshow slider today and give it a try!

Stectech has worked so hard to make a fancy and customizable slide show slider. Many other sliders on the market at are very limited in features and it would be good if we make an all-in-one solution for every slider slideshow type.

How can you use the Free Custom Slideshow Slider?

Jus a few of the features available are as follows:

★ Front page slideshow slider
★ Image slider or slideshow
★ Image gallery slideshow
★ Carousel gallery slideshow
★ Content slider/tabs
★ Highlighted content
★ Banner slider
★ Horizontal accordion slider
★ Product slideshow
★ Portfolio slideshow
★ Sliding panels
★ And so much more!

What features makes it the best?

★ Multiple slideshow slider types
Let you to choose which slider shape fit to your site. Currently 20 different slider types included.

★ Theme management system
Let you to customize the style of your slider without any CSS knowledge.

★ Slideshow Slider manager on backend
The administrator page fully guide you through the editing of the slider and the related slides. It won’t force you to use any HTML or CSS codes.