Free votes

July 12th, 2012

Free votesFree Votes is an extension that will allow you to create massive surveys.
A regular survey allows you to create a question with several answers so that users can select just one of these.
With Free Votes you can create several questions combinable with various answers where users can give a rating to each answer!
If for example you want to know about a certain topic, from one to ten, what users think about the various suggested answers, then Free Votes is what you are looking for!

But when user cannot find the answer that he would give among those proposed?
At the bottom there is a special field where he can add a new answer, and then vote on it.
When a new answer is added by users, admin will be notified by mail by Free Votes.

In the backend you can choose among different options, for example the possibility for a user to vote again answers that were already voted.

If we decide that the user can vote later on the same answers again, no new answer will be added but the previously entered ones will be overwritten!
All parts of the module can be changed with CSS to customize them how you prefer most!
Moreover, each part of the extension can be modified with CSS to customize it how you prefer!
In addition, each part of the extension has been achieved without using Flash, but only with html5, css3 and JavaScript!
So it is also usable on mobile devices with a faster running time and lighter weight!