freeclup Sprite

January 10th, 2013

Attention-this Module need JoomGallery for work!
This module is capable to convert JoomGallry ‘s photos into a single image (sprite). For example, you can use this module to see 20 photos at a same time with reference to independent Image’s detail

Why single picture?
One of the ways to improve the site’s rankings and site speed is reducing server request. You can select your pictures in the Modal Option and adjust the size and amount of the pictures after Image created it will be loaded from the cache load. And do not ask you to send database. (You can save 4meg in ram sever by enabling “load cache image in server” in general setting)

Calculate the speed of recovery?
Suppose you have a site that has 1000 views per day and you load 20 images at a same time from the server’s database. With a simple calculation we know that 20 * 1000 requests without cache are sent to your server. With this module you can reduce it to 1 * 1000 requests.