Freestyle Includes: Fragments

August 15th, 2013

Freestyle Includes: FragmentsFragments is a content plugin designed to help display information on your Joomla! Website in multiple areas without you having to type it out each time, or copy and paste. Each fragment can be tweaked to display slightly different information if required. Once in place, the fragment can be updated on the backend and changes will be reflected in your content.

Unlimited Fragments
Create and include as many fragments as you want

Define the fragment you wish to use for text display using the Joomla! built in WYSIWYG editor

Dynamic Output
Vary the content of the tag by including variables in the fragment. One fragment can be used in several areas and display different parts of text each time

Smarty Support
Allows creation of highly flexible fragments taht vary according to the fragment and parameters passed

CSS Output
Include a set of CSS styles wherever thr fragment is included on a page

Preset Parameters
Specify default parameters for your dynamic fragment