Fresh Social Toolbar

October 8th, 2012

Fresh Social Toolbar is a free stylish social share and connect toolbar. The toolbar can be placed on any edge of the page and slides in via jQuery. The toolbar can also be retracted back into the edge of the page with a single click.

Below is a list of the social share/connect display options:

♠ Facebook Like
♠ Google +1
♠ Twitter Share (can modify auto-filled tweet text)
♠ Twitter Follow
♠ LinkedIn Follow
♠ LinkedIn Share
♠ Pinterest Pin
♠ Youtube Subscribe
♠ RSS Feed

(more to be added soon — contact us for any requests)

Installation Note: You must select “debug” as the module position.

Or, alternatively, you may create a hidden div for the module position at the bottom of your templates/index.php file (more info on the module homepage)