Fresh Sticky Footer

October 9th, 2012

Fresh Sticky FooterFresh Sticky Footer is a free module that adds a “sticky” footer at the bottom of your website that can contain text, modules, and social network buttons. The content in the various tabs on the footer is hidden until the mouse goes over it and causes it to popup. You can chose between the fixed-width or full-width footer version, and you can also hide or unhide the footer via jQuery by clicking on the arrow at the right side.

Below is a list of the main features:

♠ Up to 7 containers in the footer that expand upwards upon mouseover

♠ Ability to insert text, HTML, or another module into the containers

♠ Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and RSS buttons

♠ Fixed-width or full-width options

♠ Hide/Unhide the footer with a mouseclick


Installation Note: You must select “debug” as the module position.

Or, alternatively, you may create a hidden div for the module position at the bottom of your templates/index.php file