Frontpage Banner Rotator

November 10th, 2011

Frontpage Banner RotatorWhy Frontpage? The module is designed to easily create and publish a frontpage slideshow which will redirect your clients to the most important content of your website. You can do this with the help of an easy to understand Administation Panel and without any flash knowledge.


*Perfect Resizable by setting the Widht and Height of the module.
*There is no need to resize the images or swf files. The module will do it for you.
*Autoplay function On/Off.
*Six nice and clean slide’s transitions wich can be set individually or random like in the demo .
*Customizable Thumbnails/Buttons:
– widht and height;
– down , up , left or right position;
– the space between them;
– tween time;
– border color, background color, loading color etc (view the screenshots) ;
*Slide by slide description . You can set the font color and size of the description and also down or up position.
*Slide by slide external link and two types of target for him: same window and new window.
*You can show/hide every slide you want.
*All the settings are also explained on the backend of the module.