FS Browser Compatibility

September 30th, 2012

With the constant evolution of web browsers and mobile devices, Webmasters can no longer guarantee that their website will display well with a particular version. FS Browser Compatibility provide them tools so they can make their site compatible without source code modification.

— Features —
Browser Compatibility FS offers a set of fixes and optimizations you can enable to suit your needs :

:: Enable Internet Explorer Compatibility View ::
Force use of Internet Explorer 7 render engine to solve display problems found with Internet Explorer >= 8.

:: Optimize display for mobile devices ::
Optimize logical dimensions and scale of mobile device browser window.

:: Make Internet compatible with new HTML5 tags ::
Define default styles for HTML5 tags (section, article, nav, aside, header, footer…) not handled by Internet Explorer < 9. :: Hide Javascript errors :: Hides JavaScript errors. Handy if your visitors are using old browsers (Internet Explorer 6) to visit your site! :: Complete and intuitive setup interface :: :: And much more ! :: - Transparency PNG fix for Internet Explorer 6 - Enable Google Chrome Frame - Reset CSS default values - Disable automatic links on phone numbers (Safari)