FW Gallery Front-end Manager Plugin

March 15th, 2013

Let your friends become junior administrators of your website and your FW Gallery. Now with FW Gallery Front-end Manager plugin you don’t have to log into the back-end to create a new gallery or upload more images. You don’t have to give back-end admin access to your friends or users of your website. Front-end Manager Plugin creates a handy and clear admin page just on the front-end of your website and it doesn’t disturb general order and design.

If you have FW Gallery Facebook Plugin (1.3.0 or higher version) installed your Front-end Manager page will be enhanced with possibility for your users to import/export albums from/to their Facebook pages.

Create common galleries, share images and make your Joomla website particular and vivid.

Installation requirements:
* Joomla 2.5 – Joomla 3.0
* FW Gallery 2.1 or higher version installed