FW Premium Support

July 5th, 2011

The process involved to get support for your Joomla product can be time consuming. First you have to go to the product provider’s website, then find their support page, then fill out a support ticket, then wait for a sometimes undeterminable amount of time to get your answer. If you have to pay for support, this process can take even longer. All you want is an answer so you can get your website up and running quicker.

That’s why Fastw3b is making your life easier. We’ve created the FW Premium Support component available to all of our customers, absolutely free.

The FW Premium Support component allows customers to submit support tickets, receive replies, receive updates for existing extensions, purchase new extensions, order customizations, and view all of Fastw3b’s products – all from your Joomla site’s back-end.

Main features:

* free
* easy-to-use
* time-saving
* auto self-update
* individual support
* bugs report
* complete & up-to-date
* extra services