FW Real Estate Latest

February 13th, 2013

FW Real Estate Latest Module includes:

Its back-end features:
* vertical and horizontal layout options
* ‘Display Price’ and ‘Display Address’ yes/no options
* Option to select a certain property category,
* Option to define the number of properties images,
* Option to filter by property type
* Option to filter by property status
* Option to set images width,
* Option to show 3 types of order: Random, Newest first, Most popular properties,
* Slideshow mode
* Module class suffix

Its front-end features:

* A pop-up dark-colored plate with property address and price,
* You can use different modules at ones: create Popular, Random or Newest modules,
* You can enable slideshow mode
* Property images size is picked up from FW Real Estate thumb images settings.

Installation requirements:
* Joomla! 2.5.x & Joomla 3.0
* FW Real Estate Light 1.2.3 or higher installed or FW Real Estate Pro 2.0 or higher installed