GeoLocalise for Sobi2

February 3rd, 2013

GeoLocalise for Sobi2This plugin allows you to geocode your Sobi entries during the add entry process or in backend with a batch script.

This Sobi2 plugin allows you to geocode your entries following 2 ways:

* Backend: administrators can geocode automaticaly existing SOBI2 entries from the entered address in a batch process. The proccess prevent server crashes with a special JS script that cut the process in little entries packages. Many options are provided like: choice the category you want to geocode, include all entries in sub categories, geocode unpublish entries, set a rectangular zone (defined by 4 points) and geocode only entries from this range, geocode only the entries with empty coordinates, a commom adress sufix (like: geneva+Switzerland), …
* Frontend: When hhe entry is saved (or/and updated), the entry is automaticaly geocoded, then the coordinates are found in same time the entrie is saved. In the entry form there is a map, where the user can pick a point, the user can click on a geocode button and if Gallery plugin is installed (version in the package) you can geocode the entry from the image (image made by iphone, android phone, or with another device that geotag the image).

The only think you need is create 2 custom fields, latitude and longitude (existing in sobi from version The plugin need to know the fields you used to defined the address (city, zip, …) of the entries.

This plugin is perfect if you use the Radius search plugin or the geocat module (provided by The plugin provide no frontend map himself.

Another demo here: > Proposer un panneau

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