GiBi sPrint

November 22nd, 2013

GiBi sPrintWith this extension you can quickly create a PDF catalog from your VirtueMart products. You can save different configurations to have one-click different catalogs.

You’ll have an amazing catalog generated in a few seconds!

And of course our excellent support staff is there to help you.

Main features:
* choose start cover and back cover of the catalog
* choose a Joomla article to use as introduction
* choose VirtueMart categories to include
* choose translations to include

For each category you can select:
* an header image
* a background (full page) image
* the color for titles and header bars
* a custom layout file
* the number of elements per page

And there is more.


+ Added ! Removed ^ Changed # Fixed

# “Fatal error: class JLog not found” in Joomla 1.5
# missing image resize configuratio option in Joomla 1.5
# category layout view broken in Joomla 1.5
# back cover not working in basic (WriteHTML) PDF mode

+ Add log file in Joomla /logs folder
^ Products are now sorted by ordering AND then by product name
# Remove notices and warning with error display enabled
# Products without SKU set were skipped

+ you can now add product_price for child items (via override)
# frontend layouts did not check for backend overrides and included always standard backend layouts
# empty categories made the catalog creation fail

# Wrong version shown in the component footer
^ Using ColorPicker is now optional since it may slow down the page when many categories are present

^ Category’s color is used for both header and footer colors, unless you specify some custom colors inside the catalogue options (CustomPDF mode)

# Can’t save changes due to new db structure (added schema update)
# Images not shown (bug introduced in v2.4.4)
# On Joomla 1.5, old TCPDF library was incorrectly included
+ Now it’s possibile to delete category layouts
+ Add header and footer color on each page (both in WriteHTML and CustomPDF mode)
+ Option to choose how to handle image resize: keep proportions or adapt to available space

+ Now checks if a different TCPDF library is installed
+ You can add a custom image at the end of the catalog (e.g. back cover)
# Additional checks to prevent TCPDF errors on missing images

# Empty descriptions on J1.5 + VM2
# Empty name if no translations available (now picks untranslated name)
# Header image and intro article overlap
^ New language string for catalog title
^ Frontend pdf layout now includes the backend layout to avoid code duplication

# in products with multiple images, a random image was taken instead of the main one
# 500 error if using “list order” sorting mode for categories

# Duplicate products in list if multiple medias added

+ VM2 Custom product fields available for template override
+ VM2 Full prices information available for template override (price, tax amount