Git with Drupal 7 Webinar on June 12, 2010

June 12th, 2010

On June 12, 2010, the Los Angeles Drupal user group is hosting Git with Drupal 7, a one-day event featuring both a Git bootcamp followed by a Drupal 7 code sprint. To make this event as accessible as possible, we’re broadcasting the Git bootcamp via WebEx conference from 10am-1pm PDT. Please join us! is moving from using the CVS version control system to Git for the development of Drupal 8. As Drupal core development is migrated to Git, thousands of developers will need to learn Git in order to help develop Drupal 8 as well as their own contributed modules for Drupal 7 when the contrib repository is moved to Git later this year.

The importance of moving to a modern version control system was outlined last year in step 5 of Dries’ 8 Steps to Drupal 8. Git was selected after a lengthy evaluation discussion, and’s migration to Git was the subject of The Exodus: Leading Drupal out of CVS, a session at DrupalCon San Francisco earlier this year. That session was well-attended and featured members of the Git Migration Team, including Damien Tournoud (DamZ), Derek Wright (dww), Angie Byron (webchick) and Sam Boyer (sdboyer).

During both the bootcamp and code sprint, we’ll be gathered in the #drupal-la IRC channel and all are welcome to join us. We also recorded the git bootcamp and posted the video online on and on iTunes.