Github for JoomlaXi Forms

June 19th, 2013

Github for JoomlaXi FormsCreate Issue and MileStones on GitHub By Submission of Forms.

JoomlaXi Forms allows you to create completely customizable form or you can even integrate it with any existing form. The Github actions for JoomlaXi Forms allows you to create issues and milestones in specified repository.

There are two github actions available with this plugin.

1. Github-Issue Action : If you are using Github to manage your ticketing system and want to create issues dynamically on some form submission say, when any user reports a bug and you wish to create an issue for the same in your Github account then this action solves your purpose.

You can use user submitted data values in the issue title and issue description.

2. Github-Milestone Action : This action is used for creating milestone in mentioned repository.
Here also you can set dynamic content in milestone title and description field.