April 5th, 2013

Thanks to GMapFP, you can use Google Maps very easily in your Joomla site. This component is natively compatible with Joomla and is available French and English.
It’s compatible with JoomFish, XMAP, JComments and Joomla search module.
GMapFP is translated in more 10 languages.

With this version 7 or 9, GMapFP is a more complete component for Google map. The 9 version is available with Joomla 2.5.

Choose among full types of views:
complete (map + articles),
articles only,
groupe of catégories
map alone,
map with simple listing
contact form.

The users can submit places or manage them.

Functionalities of version 7.0 of GMapFP:
Create as many places as you wish and locate them on the map
Rank your places by categories
Possibility to create groups of categories
Display all your places, a category or a selection of your choice (thanks to the plugin).
Configure the map according to your needs

Display the map navigation bar
Display of satellite/mixed/map/earth
Display of WIKIPEDIA informations, PANORAMIO photos, YouTube and WebCam
Display of the scale
Choose position of centering (or automatic calculation) of the map and of its zoom
Display directly information-bubble on the map
Add your own markers
Geolocalisation of the establishments from their address
Display more (if selected) information on the spot
Telephone, Fax, Email,
Web site
Detailed description
Schedules and prices

Find directions between two points
Use of the style sheets (CSS)
Choice of the map type to be display
Automatic update of the map indications according to the language

Compatible with PHP 4, 5 and 6.

Possibility to use all parameters with the plugin …

This component is a Google map, but is also an element for the presentation of tourist places, restaurants and others.

Don’t hesitate to subject your questions and needs via the forum to me.