Go Mylo Map Pro

April 28th, 2012

Go Mylo Map is a Joomla module that displays a Google Geo Chart (map) via regions or markers. This is different than placing a simple Google map on your site. This module allows you to highlight countries / regions of your choosing or add weighted markers to a map.

– Unique Identifier: Allows for multiple maps per page.
– Map Type: Choose between display a map that shows highlighted regions or one that displays markers.
– Area to Display: Choose which area to display (world / continent / country)
– Map Resolution: Depending on the area chosen to display, you can vary the resolution (or map borders).
– Width & Height: Specify the size of the map and turn on/off the aspect ratio.
– Axis Values: Specify minimum and maximum values for the color axis
– Label: Specify the label used on the map
– Color options: Background, Border, Color Axis (beginning and end) & Regions without Data.
– Easy checkbox selection of countries
– Enter “popularity” number
– Enter Markers as needed
– Links to country codes can be found in module description