Google+ Authorship for Articles

May 29th, 2013

Google+ Authorship for ArticlesThe problem:

Google needs me to make a reciprocal link to my Google+ profile on every page I author, so that my avatar appears in search listings and I am accredited as the author of that page.

The solution:

The Google+ Authorship Plugin is an adaptation of the original plugin from DeConf. It allows you to link up a contact on your site with their Google+ profile, and use that link to display a ‘Follow on G+’ link on each article.

How does it work?

In order to be associated as the author of an article which is present in the Google search results pages, you need to create a two-way link between your Google+ profile and your website. Firstly you add the website in your ‘Contributes To’ section on your Google+ profile, and then you need to have on every page you wish to be accredited as the author, a link to your profile which includes ?rel=author at the end. This creates the chain, and approves you as the author.

What extensions does it support?

At present this extension supports com_content, however there are plans to expand this. We also plan to provide options – for example, to show a Google+ icon, to customise the text used, and to hide the link all together and provide it silently.