Google Plus Feed

January 16th, 2013

Google Plus FeedMod_GoogPlusFeed is a simple module designed to embed posts made to your Google+ profile into a Joomla! site.

It can also display posts within a specific Google Community, simply specify the numeric Community ID instead of a User ID.

It currently supports ‘Post’ and ‘Share’ types of submission to Google+, all others are ignored.

The most recent (public) posts you made to Google Plus are embedded into the markup of your site so that visitors and search-engines alike can see posts you’ve made to Google+.

The module was designed around the following core concepts;

– Must not slow page load
– Must not contain un-necessary chrome
– Must link to mentions and hashtags

Additionally, mod_GoogPlusFeed also implements the following

– Support for Dark and Light themes
– Configurable number of tweets to display
– Option to link to Google+ profile
– Customisable date display format
– Ability to include direct link to post
– Caching support

The module includes a default API key (Google+ requires this) which will allow the module to work straight without customisation. It is recommended, however, that you generate your own (see the module documentation for details).