What’s new with automated bidding in Display & Video 360

August 10th, 2021

Automated bidding in Display & Video 360 helps advertisers improve performance by adjusting bids in real-time to achieve the results they care about. Using Google’s advanced machine learning, it evaluates and tailors your bids for every auction to help predict the likelihood of a conversion. Today we’re introducing improvements to the automated bidding solutions in…

Inspired by her ancestors, artist Ryhia Dank creates Pixel wallpapers

August 8th, 2021

We respect and honor Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past and present. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and commit to building a brighter future together.  At Google, we have a vision of empowerment and equitable opportunity for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples…

How Olympians at Google handle hurdles at work

August 6th, 2021

Clockwise, from top left: Kate Johnson, 2004 Olympics; Timothy Goebel, 2002 Olympics; Aleksandra Jarmolińska, 2020-2021 Olympics; Natalie Dell O’Brien, 2012 Olympics; Petri Kokko, 1994 Olympics; Matt Brittin, 1988 Olympics Professional athletes are resilience experts. They’re constantly pushing their minds and bodies to new limits, all while staying motivated to reach their goals and tackle new…

When it comes to activism, creativity and focus count

August 5th, 2021

This the third in a four-part series of interviews between expert panelists for the Impact Challenge for Women and Girls.Today’s interviewer, Kate Garvey, is the co-founder of Project Everyone, which aims to make progress in achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  Amika George is a 21-year-old activist who, after learning about the…

The evolution of lifestyle and beauty blogger Keiko Lynn

August 4th, 2021

When Keiko Lynn moved to New York City, she had $700, a fledgling fashion line, and the LiveJournal blog she had written since she was 15. “I was working from home and sewing every day,” she says. “I only knew two people in New York and I never left home unless I was walking my…

From widgets to dark mode: 3 updates to Google Maps on iOS

August 3rd, 2021

Chocolate or vanilla. 🍦 Crunchy peanut butter or smooth. Androids or iPhones. No matter what your (device) preferences are, Google Maps is here to help you navigate, explore, and get things done as easily as possible. Today, we’re rolling out three new ways to more conveniently access Google Maps’ information about the world right from…

New investment in Aotearoa New Zealand

August 2nd, 2021

New Zealand is often described as an ‘island of innovation’, and when it comes to technology, it’s true that we Kiwis regularly punch above our weight. At the same time, there’s always more progress to be made, and greater opportunities ahead As we approach 15 years on the ground in New Zealand, Google is investing…

New program helps regional journalists develop digital skills

August 1st, 2021

Today, we’re pleased to announce an initiative that helps support regional news publishers by providing vital digital skills training and new opportunities for young journalists. Introducing the Digital News Academy The Digital News Academy is a new program created by Google and News Corp Australia that will provide training in the latest digital skills to…

Expanding our cloud infrastructure to support Australia’s digital future

July 28th, 2021

Even pre-pandemic, the adoption of cloud services was on the rise as organizations looked to drive digital transformation for business resilience and innovation. The impact of COVID-19 has only served to accelerate this momentum. As we continue to support the digital future of businesses, we are launching our second Australian Cloud region in Melbourne, Victoria….

Using AI to map Africa’s buildings

July 28th, 2021

Between 2020 and 2050, Africa’s population is expected to double, adding 950 million more people to its urban areas alone. However, according to 2018 figures, a scarcity of affordable housing in many African cities has forced over half of the city dwellers in Sub-Saharan Africa to live in informal settlements. And in rural areas, many…