Supporting a healthy digital ads ecosystem in Australia

March 25th, 2021

Advertising plays a major role in sustaining the free and open web. It supports a universe of Australian creators and publishers — and underwrites the useful content and services that Australian internet users enjoy. Advertising technology creates opportunities for businesses, particularly small and medium businesses, to connect with customers. This helps facilitate competition, innovation, and…

A nonprofit finds volunteers with the new Google Analytics

March 24th, 2021

In the United States, almost half of our food supply is wasted. That’s enough to feed everyone who experiences food insecurity four times over. “In a lot of ways hunger is not a supply problem, it’s a distribution problem,” says Leah Lizarondo, co-founder and CEO of 412 Food Rescue, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization seeking to…

How AI helps volunteers support LGBTQ youth in crisis

March 24th, 2021

Over 1.8 million LGBTQ youth seriously consider suicide in the U.S. each year. At The Trevor Project, an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth, the number of youth reaching out for support has ballooned since the start of the pandemic — at times nearly doubling our pre-COVID-19 volume. We…

Digital tools create a safety net for European businesses

March 23rd, 2021

Alongside the public health crisis, the economic impact of the pandemic is being felt heavily around the world. As entrepreneurs, business leaders, and Governments work to protect jobs and accelerate a return to prosperity in the long term, it’s clear that digital tools and skills are going to be more important than ever. That’s why…

Swiss Federal Railways transforms its workforce with Android Enterprise

March 23rd, 2021

At Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), mobility is the key to how our teams stay connected and fulfill our mission as the public rail transport agency in Switzerland. We strive to provide a safe and pleasant journey for passengers and reliable transport for cargo. Many of our 33,000 employees are on the frontline of helping customers,…

Helping newsrooms experiment together with AI

March 23rd, 2021

In our JournalismAI report, journalists around the world told researchers they are eager to collaborate and explore the benefits of AI, especially as it applies to newsgathering, production and distribution. To facilitate their collaboration, the Google News Initiative and Polis – the journalism think tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science –…

Unsplash helps 20 million creators tell their stories

March 22nd, 2021

Mikeal Cho, co-founder and CEO of Unsplash, believes that there’s an image at the heart of every story. Since 2013, Unsplash has allowed more than 200,000 photographers to share their work and build relationships with other creators and organizations. Cho refers to Unsplash as “an accidental company.” When looking for images online, he found that “great…

Why Do We? – Answers to art and culture over tea

March 20th, 2021

The past twelve months have been incredibly troubling — so staggeringly hard, so tragic, so challenging — but we have not walked alone. As a historian, I know we’re at our strongest if we look forward and back. Through 70,000 years of our shared human experience, we’ve been forced to deal with plague, pandemics, isolation,…

Today, we #ShareTheMicInCyber

March 19th, 2021

We know diverse security teams are more innovative, produce better products and enhance an organization’s ability to defend against cyber threats. This is part of why Googler Camille Stewart cofounded #ShareTheMicInCyber, an initiative that pairs Black security practitioners with prominent allies who lend their social media platforms to the practitioners for a day. The goal…

Advice from a Google engineer: Join a coding competition

March 18th, 2021

Google’s Coding Competitions are back for 2021 with multiple opportunities for participants to improve their programming skills by solving algorithmic problems designed by Google engineers. Sadia Atique is a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) based in Munich, Germany who works on the Corporate Engineering team and actively contributes to competitions like Code Jam and Kick Start….