Gridiron Manager

November 1st, 2013

Gridiron ManagerBy popular request, we have created a solution for managing (American) Football teams and/or leagues. “Gridiron Manager” is a football manager software extension which will allow Joomla webmasters to quickly create and maintain websites for football teams and/or leagues. The component creates a comprehensive database which allows the administrator to create/edit teams, rosters, players, schedules, game results and stats, game summaries, stat leaders, and individual player pages. Registered users can be selected to have front-end admin rights to enter results and update schedule information for their specific team(s).

The package includes modules to help keep your site dynamically updated:

Win/Loss/Standings Module – can be configured multiple ways to use as simple W/L Module or Standings module.

Game Results Module – for showing x previous games and x upcoming games.

Stat Leader Module – configurable to show individual or team leaders in offensive and defensive categories.

There are lots of stats, with the ability to enter plenty of detail in game boxscores, including scores by quarter, scoring summary, team stats comparison, and individual player statistics including offensive and defensive stats, and special teams.

Various bug fixes and new features have been added since the original release, including the ability to turn on/off individual front-end admin functions, show English or Metric height/weight values, sort roster by name or jersey number, NFL or NCAA passer rating formula, and other options.