GroupDocs Documents Annotation

December 22nd, 2013

GroupDocs Documents AnnotationWith this plugin you can annotate PDF files and documents in other common business formats directly on your Joomla web-pages. It allows you to embed documents into web-pages and then add notes through the documents right from a web-browser.


GroupDocs’ PDF annotation tool allows you to conveniently collaborate with your colleagues and website visitors when reviewing PDF documents, images, Excel spreadsheets, or word-processing documents. With this tool you can add notes, highlight or strikeout text, draw lines and add watermarks to a document online. And since the document is hosted on a web-page, you can easily share it with others or even invite your colleagues to add their own comments to the document online.


1. After installing the plugin, you will be able to easily embed PDF files and other electronic documents into web-pages on you Joomla website.

GroupDocs converts documents using HTML5 so that they look exactly like the original files. Moreover, embedded documents are rendered like real text files, not images, meaning that you can select and copy text in the hosted documents.

2. Once a document is embedded, you can either annotate it yourself or invite colleagues/website visitors to do so by providing them with a link to the web-page. And thanks to utilizing HTML5 technology, your website visitors don’t need to install Flash or PDF plugins to view and annotate documents hosted on your website – all can be done from any modern web-browser.

You can also invite several users to annotate the same document simultaneously. It’s a convenient approach of collaboration on documents/mockups as everyone can share ideas and see each other’s feedback in real time.

GroupDocs provides a number of handy tools for annotating documents, including:

Text Annotation – allows you to highlight a text block and add notes related to that particular block.
Point Annotation – allows you drop a point marker in any area throughout the document and add your notes there.
Area Annotation – with this tool you can comment on any selected area throughout the document, including texts, tables and illustrations. Unlike Point Annotation, this tool allows you to select and highlight a wide document area with a rectangle.
Strikeout Text – allows you to strikeout text when annotating PDF and other word-processing files. You can also add comments, why exactly you think a particular chunk of text should be removed.
Polyline Annotation – with this tool you can draw freehand lines and shapes directly in the document.
Typewriter Tool – allows you to add text right in the document.
Watermark Tool – allows you to protect the document with watermarks.
3. Finally, annotated documents can be printed out or exported to a PDF file with all the comments that appear as markers through the document.


With GroupDocs you can:

Annotate PDF documents;
All word-processing documents, including