GroupDocs Online Signature Service

September 6th, 2013

GroupDocs Online Signature ServiceGroupDocs Online Signature Service allows you to get business documents signed directly on your Joomla website. With this plugin you can embed electronic documents, such as contracts, sales agreements, employment letters, NDAs, etc., into web-pages on your Joomla website and then invite your clients/partners/colleagues to sign the documents right there.


The main benefit you get with this plugin is the ability to collect signatures much faster. It’s a completely paperless solution that allows you and other parties to sign documents without the need of printing, scanning, faxing and mailing them. All you have to do is to embed a document into a webpage on your Joomla website and then invite recipients to sign the document by providing them with a link to the webpage.

Recipients don’t have to download or install any 3rd-party software to sign the document. They just open the webpage in a web-browser and drop their signature online. Signers can either upload a scanned copy of their handwritten signature or draw a signature directly in a web-browser with a mouse or a signature pad. Once signed, the document is automatically saved in your GroupDocs account, and you are notified that it is ready for download.


Documents signed with GroupDocs Online Signature Service have the same legal validity as those signed with a pen in most of the developed countries, including U.S., European Union, Canada, Australia and Japan. Our online signature service meets legal standards and complies with E-Signature laws around the world, including ESIGN, UETA and the European Directive 1999/93/EC. For each document signed with GroupDocs, we provide a signature Certificate that contains court-admissible information about each parties and the signed document. The signature Certificate can be used to enforce the agreement in case any of the parties tries to dispute it.


– Documents can be signed from any web-enabled device, including mobile ones. All a signer needs is a web-browser and an Internet connection.
– You can add merge fields throughout a document to get the document completed and signed online. Recipients will be able to fill in the required fields right in a web-browser before signing the document.
– Add multiple signers and set the sequence in which the document should be signed.
– All common business formats are supported, including PDF and word-processing documents (DOC, DOCX, ODT, etc.).

For more details on GroupDocs Online Signature Service, please visit our official website:

Also, see a LIVE DEMO of how a document can be embedded and signed on a web-page:



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To use the GroupDocs Signature app on your website, you need to sign up with us first.