Groups Crowdfunding

September 2nd, 2013

Groups CrowdfundingThis module showing on groups page will allow a project holder to create a group in Jomsocial or Groupjive, to set a goal amount for funds to reach and a time table in days to reach the goal amount. The module will then display on the group (project) page: charts for funding completion and a time countdown. It also shows a simple one field form to let visitors donate UserPoints to the project and latest donation and best donators tabs and pie charts.

NEW: On project submission the module lets the project creator offer some incentive rewards depending on the donations amount. A reminder of what has to be sent to donators when project is successfull is available on project page in the Best Contributors tab and also emailed to project owner and donators on project complete with a link to donators profiles. (These should fill in their postal address in their profile if they are wanting to receive ther reward).

When time is over and funding period is finished:
– If amount goal is reached , project is successfull and group’s points are forwarded to the group owner’s points account (minus a percentage fee).
– If required amount is not reached, project fails, every donators get their Userpoints refunded and project will be unpublished automatically after few days.

This is basically how it works, but keep on reading to find out all the great options and features we provide.

1) Jomsocial or Groupjive 2.+
2) AlphaUserPoints
+ Buy points with Paypal AUP rule
+ Userpoints2paypal module