Habits Manager for JomSocial

May 14th, 2013

Habits Manager for JomSocialThe plugin displays your habits list from Personal Goals Manager application on profile pages of your JomSocial community. The application is a simple online tool that helps you to self-monitor your habits daily right from your JomSocial profile page.

The plugin displays a list of habits you track, progress bar and quick view of tracking details on your JomSocial profile page. Just click Yes or No after Have you done it today option every day to record if your habit had place today or not and keep your habits statistics up-to-date. The component analyses the statistics according to preset metrics and displays your habits history in a graph available from your JomSocial profile page.

Create groups around your habits and share your progress on forming a new habits or getting rid of a bad ones manually. As soon as you add a new habit it is automatically included into JomSocial community Activity Stream. It keeps community members tuned for collaboration.

The add-on is delivered in Personal Goals Manager component installation package without any additional cost.