HD-Open Graph Metadata

August 28th, 2011

HD-Open Graph MetadataHD-OG is a plugin that embeds Open Graph metadata into your web pages. This is the markup used by Facebook to map and categorise websites into it’s own social search engine. The metadata includes standard information (such as page title, type, URL, description & site name) as well as location information (latitude, longitude, address, region and country) and contact details (email address, telephone number & fax number).

Google may dominate the search engine scene and attract more traffic than any other site but Facebook comes a close second. The Open Graph Protocol is an attempt to link Facebook with the rest of the web, creating Facebook’s own extensive and highly interactive version of a search engine.

This plugin ensures that the correct data is displayed when someone tries to share a link to your site on Facebook. The graph “type” ensures that your site is categorized in the correct section (eg. website, blog, product, food, sport, news) and it also includes metadata to mark up your location and contact details.