Help test / provide feedback on upcoming Chrome browser features

August 24th, 2018

Feeling adventurous? Preview upcoming Chrome features before they’re released across Desktop, Android, and iOS.

What is the Chrome beta channel? Chrome beta allows you to preview upcoming features before they’re released. You can expect weekly updates, access to features and designs that may or may not make it to a stable version, and the ability to submit feedback earlier in the development process.

How do I switch to the Chrome beta channel?

Is the beta channel considered stable enough to use every day?

Generally yes – but there may be hiccups along the way. We encourage beta channel users to regularly back up their important personal settings, like bookmarks, passwords, and more.

What’s the best way to provide feedback, report problems, etc.? Chrome has three ways to provide feedback and report issues you may spot.

  1. Reporting feedback within Chrome. You can use the instructions found here to submit a feedback report within Chrome. We use these reports in aggregate to identify spikes and trends. We also perform deep dives when investigating issues, when checking in on new feature launches, and as part of regular user journey efforts.
  2. Troubleshooting an issue. Our official community forums are the best place to get help troubleshooting issues. We have a group of top contributors who also have the ability to escalate threads, which often help identify issues we aren’t seeing elsewhere.
  3. Reporting confirmed bugs on this project tracker. Once an issue is confirmed as a bug, you’re able to create a report to it on our public development tracker – straight to our team! You may find that your bug has already been reported (things move fast!), but this allows us to track a bug’s life cycle in an easy way.

Is there anything more beta than beta? Yes! For some platforms, we also offer developer versions and even canary builds that are fresh off the test servers. These are generally only advised for folks that work on projects that need testing lead time. You can learn more about other release options here.