Henrik Danielsson (TwoD)

September 12th, 2010

He may not be known to everyone yet. Henrik Danielsson (TwoD) suddenly appeared out of nowhere approximately 18 months ago and started to post a couple of pretty solid patches to Wysiwyg module’s queue. In case you do not know the Wysiwyg module yet: It allows you to integrate any kind of client-side content editor (WYSIWYG) with Drupal by building a communication layer between Drupal forms and the actual editor(s). Thus, working on the project requires a solid knowledge and highly advanced expertise of Drupal’s Form API, Filter API, JavaScript, and lastly every individual editor library.

Like many other contributors that do something for projects I care for, TwoD had to go (♥) through my motivation-killing bastard patch reviews, me nitpicking on adherence to Drupal’s coding standards, documentation standards, and other badass change requests. Requiring him to re-roll the most simple patches a couple of times until they matched my expectations. Although I already knew and still know that in most cases, contributors are running away screaming, I was and still am searching for eligible co-maintainers for all of the projects I maintain.

TwoD took on this challenge. In an astonishing brilliant and still pleasant way. Soon, his first patch was committed, without me having to touch a single line. After running with him through the very same badass procedure for one or two of his other patches, he understood how to get patches “beyond me”. Suddenly, he started to redo his other patches in the queue, without a single word from me. “Woah. How awesome is that?”, I thought, and within the next couple of minutes, Wysiwyg’s CHANGELOG.txt saw quite some heavy traction.

Shortly after, I contacted TwoD to ask whether he’d like to co-maintain the Wysiwyg project, so he’d be able to commit those patches on his own. And luckily, he agreed! (with praise)

Round about 12 months and 596 issues later, TwoD is the most active person in Wysiwyg’s queue, answering hundreds of support requests, (partially bogus) bug reports, and writing really kick-ass patches for all kind of browser quirks, misbehaviors, and JavaScript conflicts. What totally amazes me most is that even after having replied to and worked on all those issues, he still has the balls to write completely open and detailed analyses, most often with lots of evidence, for almost every issue in the queue.

In addition to that, his knowledge and wisdom giantly helped to scope and draft the future 3.x goals for Wysiwyg.

Frankly, TwoD is truly amazing. And an irreplaceable Drupal contributor.

Interestingly, my attempt to also turn him into a Drupal core contributor blatantly failed. Which might mean that I need to raise the bar for contributions to my projects a little higher even. 😉 But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to try that again with TwoD. 🙂

By the way, during the process of turning TwoD into a fully-fledged co-maintainer, the Best practices for co-maintaining projects handbook page was born: A “code of conduct” for Drupal project (co-)maintainers and contributors who want to become one.