HexMap Pro Module

June 9th, 2013

HexMap Pro module lets you display Google Map on your Joomla Website. With HexMap Pro module you can display one or more than one Google Map on a single webpage. It also allows you to set Map height, width, center point and unlimited markers. It’s quite easy to add as many markers as you want using back end parameters either with latlng or address or directly pointing a location on map.


– Define the zoom level.
– Very flexible to every change.
– Auto-Detect Language
– Module Class Suffix
– Map resize
– Get direction to the marker from your current location
– Multiple Maps on the same Page
– Unlimited markers to add
– Markers can be added using Address, LatLng or directly pointing it on Map
– Support Multiple Marker( Easy customize title, icon, shadow, description popup)
– Default CSS is added to infowindows to make these look beautiful.
– Massive configuration possibilities – kept simple
– Ability to add unlimited pictures to each marker
– Compatibility with Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.x
– Dynamically adjust map’s position , dimensions in the modules administration
– Compatible with all the browsers