HexSys Grouped Quantity Attribute For Virtuemart

July 27th, 2013

Many Virtuemart shop owners wonder “How to add a single product for multiple Group quantities and still keep the price different of each quantity group”. This is the solution for the problem. It works like a normal Joomla plugin. You just need to install the plugin like a normal Joomla plugin, enable it then you just need to create a virtuemart custom field and add multiple quantity with different attributes. This plugin also allow shop owner to add prices of each attributes with respect to product quantity.

HexSys Group Quantity Plugin is a virtuemart custom field plugin that allows the shop owner to add a single product for different Quantity of products with different price of each attributes for different quantity. You can simply add/update Quantity, Add/update each attribute. Different price for each attribute value for different quantity group is easily update using the back end.


– You can add a single product with different quantity group.
– It allows to add different attributes of any product with Title, Value and seperate prices for each quantity.
– Simple and Flexible Group Quantity solution for Virtuemart Products.
– Option to add/delete different attributes eg For a Poster product, Embossing, Hot Stampling, Design Service and Printing.
– You can add multiple cart attributes which are price dependent on the quantity.