HexSys Youtube Videos for Virtuemart

July 23rd, 2013

Many Virtuemart shop owners wonder “How to embed / insert Youtube Videos on Virtuemart product detail page”. You just need to install the plugin like a normal Joomla plugin, enable it then you just need to create a virtuemart custom field and It’s now ready for you to easily copy and paste Youtube embed link into the custom field to display it on Product Detail page without any extra effort.

HexSys Youtube Videos for Virtuemart Plugin is a virtuemart custom field plugin that allows the shop owner to embed Youtube videos into Virtuemart product detail page using Virtuemart Product Custom Fields. You can simply add Youtube embed link inside textfield which are generated with this plugin, furthermore you can display the video at product detail page at Bottom/Top/Middle positions.


– Easy embed YouTube videos into product detail page.
– Simple and Flexible Youtube Video solution for Virtuemart Products.
– Lightweight.
– Works in all modern browsers.
– Just pasting a Youtube embed link in a custom field.
– Video size controlling option eg Height and Width.
– Option to control video full size screen.
– Very flexible to every change.
– Full documentation