HM Tube

August 28th, 2011

HM TubeThis is a simple plugin interface between Joomla and JW Player for including You Tube videos inside articles. The plugin admin allows you to set default settings such as Player skin, width, height, auto start, control bar location (the bar with the play button), control bar hide (hide the bar with the play button when control bar location is set to “over), HD, and more.


1. Select from various skins to change the look of HM Tube
2. Insert video anywhere in your article.
3. Change the location of the control bar, or hide it when the mouse is inactive.
4. Play You Tube videos in HD.
5. Choose whether to auto start the video when the page loads or not.
6. Other various customizations.

To include a video in your article simply find the youtube video and enclose its url inside the [hmyt] and [/hmyt] tags. So, for example, to use this youtube video in an article:

You would enclose it inside the tags like:


You can also override the default settings (set in the plugin admin) by using tag parameters. In the above example, if you wanted the video to 500 px wide, and 300 px tall, you would include with width and height tag parameters, which would look like the following:

[hmyt width=”500″ height=”300″][/hmyt]

The site documentation list all available tag params and usage.

I will try to support this plugin, however, remember that I am just a guy who wrote a plugin for his own needs and decided to share it with the Joomla community. Also, as I’m not an experienced programmer, I can’t promise to find the solution to every potential problem. The code is very simple though, and I don’t foresee to many issues.

Also keep in mind, this code is still BETA.

To do….

* may add the ability to play all the formats JW Player can play.
* will definitely add more JW plugins.