Homepage Slideshow

April 29th, 2013

Homepage SlideshowCompatible with iPhone and iPad. A beautiful slide show for your Joomla home page. It can be highly customizable.

Features Include

1. Customizable height and width
2. Customizable background gradient color(start and ending colors)
3. Customizable menu color, menu mouse over color and active color
4. Customizable menu text for every slide
5. Customizable info box color
6. Customizable info box title
7. Customizable info box button color
8. Customizable info box button text
9. Customizable info box alpha
10. Customizable info box short description
11. Auto slide show
12. Latin character support
13. Added Spanish character support
14. Use multiple instances of module on a page by copying and defining the different xml file name
15. Added CDATA for titles, description, heading and button text.
16. Customizable corner radius.
17. Added new button for play pause
18. Description position can be set through xml
19. Description box can be hidden through xml

– Ease In
– Ease in Bounce
– Ease in Sine
– Ease in out Cubic
– Ease in out Circ
– Ease in out Elastic (New in V 2.24)

Its totally free