June 15th, 2013

HoneyPotJectThis plugin protects your site against spammers.

Four types of threats detected:
– search engine
– suspicious IP
– collector mail addresses
– spammers comments

It compares the IP address of the visitor in a database managed by HoneyPot Project.
For this you need to register free on their website to get an API key.
Please, use link of plugin presentation.

Several options are available:
– blocking level customized
– record suspicious IP and other attacks
– geolocation of attacks
– notification by mail customized
And soon a component to export data logging.

If you wish to actively contribute to the Honey Pot Project and you have a domain.
You can add an MX entry in your DNS.
Everything is explained on the their website.

Supported languages:
– de-DE (need corrections)
– en-GB
– es-ES (need corrections)
– fr-FR
– it-IT (need corrections)
– nl-NL
– pt-BR (downloaded from website)
And other if you help me.

Thanks, Mik