Hotspots Core

August 25th, 2013

Hotspots CoreBring the power of Google Maps to your site!

Get a customizable and fast loading Google map component for your Joomla site! Hotspots comes with comprehensive documentation, making it very easy to install and set up.


* Install and setup your map in a matter of minutes
* Upgrading Hotspots is easy – no need to uninstall first
* User-friendly interface, which makes it very easy to configure and use your Google map
* Comprehensive documentation
* Add markers for any address, place or latitude/longitude location ( you can add maximum of 100 markers)
* Create multiple categories with different icons (markers) for your locations
* Each marker has an individual description, with or without a picture and can even link to an Article or K2 item
* 500 sample marker icons included to give you the ability to create any marker
* Geocode feature (coordinates of locations)
* Set marker list length (number of markers to show per default on map)
* Let the Map automatically determine the best zoom and center settings
* Give your users the ability to plan their route
* Printing and mailing of current map
* Street-view options from the front-end
* Advanced zoom options, including full-screen view
* Address search and location filters
* Search for hotspots in all categories (built-in)

Technical features

* Based on the latest Google Maps API v3 – it’s fast – no API keys are required!
* Map is Ajax based, so no reloading of the map needed – fast loading for your visitors even for large set of markers
* SEF urls