How to build Drupal sites with automated QA testing: Webinar Apr 1, DCSF Sprint Apr 18

March 25th, 2010

Automated testing has greatly improved the Drupal core development process. With automated testing over 24,500 unique core patches have been reviewed, and almost 19,000 test assertions are now run against every core patch. The result has been faster development cycle, more stable releases, and the ability to add features more quickly to Drupal core.

The benefits of automated testing are now available for contributed module developers and Drupal site owners through the addition of new functionality to the and the automated testing framework (PIFR) that integrates with Drupal core.

The leaders of the Drupal quality assurance project are holding a webinar and sprint to help contributed module developers and Drupal site owners benefit from this automated testing.

  • Webinar: April 1st, 1PM EST (Webinar registration)
  • Sprint: Sunday, April 18th, Drupalcon San Francisco, 9AM, Coder Lounge