HTML5, and then some

June 14th, 2010

The web is moving quickly these days, and Opera would like to stay at the forefront of open web standards. Opera has been promoting HTML5 since the beginning (and HTML5 actually has its roots at Opera), and in this build we have added four features related to HTML5 and other open standards, and an update for a previous implementation:

We have also added sets of specific fonts to be used for CJK web sites, which should improve readability. We would appreciate your feedback on this.

In addition to these new/improved features there are quite a few bug fixes for Linux/FreeBSD. Mac users will notice that plug-ins will generally perform better too. Take a look at the changelog for more information.

Note that there are no Linux PPC builds for this snapshot.

WARNING: This is a development snapshot of Opera. It is released for testing purposes, and there may be serious bugs and unfinished features.