HTML5-enhanced Opera 10.60 Beta is coming!

June 15th, 2010

This is a release candidate for the public beta of Opera 10.60.

In the previous snapshot, we added several new features related to HTML5 and other open web standards. As many of you know, the HTML5 project started long ago here at Opera, and we are dedicated to fully supporting HTML5 and the latest in other open web standards, such as SVG and CSS. Opera 10.60 will be another step in that direction.

Now we’d like to give even more people the opportunity to test-drive the next Opera release, and like other betas, this one will be made available to a wider audience through We really appreciate your help in getting this beta out there!

Note: If you are having problems with Geolocation, you can try checking it in other browsers as well. If it fails there, the problem is likely to be on the Geolocation provider’s end. This feature will work best on wireless connections.