HTML5 Product Slideshow for VM2

September 30th, 2012

HTML5 Product Slideshow for VM2This versatile module can display images for your Virtuemart products in an attractive HTML5 slideshow. The module features a variety of transition effects: Grid, Bars, Blinds, Scale, Scale Rotate, Fade, Translate, Grow, Grayscale, Inverse, Pixelate, Threshold, Lower Threshold and Dissolve and Smear.

* You can choose the number of products, plus from a variety of orderings, top sales, most recently added, featured products, or random;
* Alternatively, you can select specific products only to display in the slideshow;
* The module can show images from a single product only – useful on the product details page for showing product additional images;
* Or the module can show a selection of products from chosen categories – useful on the product category page to highlight products;
* Or the module can be used to display featured products on non-Virtuemart pages;
* The size of the slide image and thumbnails is fully customizable through the module parameters, so the module can work as a large central display, or a small feature;
* There is a large range of customizable features, including whether or not to display the thumbnails, the orientation of the thumbnails (horizontal or vertical), the type of scroller used (click or mouseover), plus whether to auto-start the show on page loading;
* the display uses HTML5 and javascript only – no Flash, so compatible with mobile display

System Requirements

The module requires Joomla 2.5.x and Virtuemart 2.0.x. The transition effects also require a web browser that supports the canvas element, such as Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, or Chrome. Visitors who do not have a compatible browser will see the same slideshow but with a simple fade transition.

The slideshow uses the mootools javascript library which is native to Joomla, so there is no overhead in downloading the library. It can co-exist with other extensions using JQuery without problems.