HWD Flickr photoBox

May 28th, 2013

HWD Flickr photoBoxThis flickr module is a great solution for quickly and easily adding high quality images to any Joomla site. is an image hosting website that is widely used to share photographs.

Using our flickr module you can insert the most recent photos from flickr, photos from any flickr Group or flickr User, or your flickr friends’ photos. You can even search for flickr photos by keywords. These will then be displayed in the module.

You can set the layout from a choice of different templates which allows you to make the flickr module look how you want, but also fit nicely into different module positions. Opening the flickr images displays them in a lightbox which allows you to scroll through the list and view each photo individually.

This flickr module was created by the HWDMediaShare team as an easy way to insert flickr images into a Joomla site. The HWDMediaShare team have a lot of experience in working with media images and Joomla.