HWD Flow Player

April 30th, 2013

HWD Flow PlayerFlowplayer is a streaming video player. The HWD Flowplayer plugin brings the new HTML5 Flowplayer to Joomla. This means that our plugin allows video playback on both desktops and mobile devices.

Flowplayer have focused on less design, configuration variables, words, and actions. Only the crucial things are present and executed with care. Everything is smaller and simpler. It takes a lot of effort and rewrites to achieve minimalism in a video player. We think Flowplayer finally did it.

Not only can The HWD Flowplayer plugin be used to play videos but it can also play audio as well.

This video player plugin was developed by the HWDMediaShare team who have a lot of experience with video players, videos and all things media. As well as having worked extensively with Joomla.