Hydrogen Contact Module

December 15th, 2013

Hydrogen Contact Module is a Joomla module designed to facilitate the creation of a form for email sending. You can select field(s) to display from a set of standard input: firstname, lastname, phone, email. It’s also possible to display a link to Terms and conditions page, send a copy of email to your inbox address, display captcha (ReCAPTCHA configurated into Joomla) and it’s also possible send an attachment file. You can add a set of custom fields: input, single select and multiple select, radio button and checkbox.

Hydrogen Contact Module is a contact module very easy to setup. HTML5 provides powerful validations and attributes. Hydrogen Contact Module was tested on major latest browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE 10).

1. Translations available: english, italian;
2. Multiple instance on same page;
2. Select from standars input: firstname, lastname, phone, email, subject and body;
3. Create 10 custom field, before the subject or after the body: text, textarea, single and multiple select, radio button and checkbox;
4. HTML emails;
5. If the user is logged in this script will get the name and email recorded in database, preventing the user to mistype his email;
6. Users can receive a copy of sent message;
7. Include base css style or disable it;
9. Select mandatory and visible properties for any field displayed;
10. Select email address from general configuration and/or add multiple recipients;
11. ReCAPTCHA from the Joomla’s default captcha system;
12. Redirect url after send;
13. Logs all activities in a text file;
14. Upload capabilities with attachment field (every kind and size of file allowed);
15. Form validation: client validation through powerful HTML5 validation (except for checkbox group validate through javascript beacause not featured on HTML5); server validation for all fields;
16. HTML5 and CSS3 icons validation appears when filling the fields;
17. Link to “Terms and conditions” page;
18. Set custom icons for every label;
19. This module can be installed on unlimited Joomla websites;
20. Free updates granted until the end of Joomla 2.5 life cycle, which is expected in December 2014.