Hydrogen Tag Cloud Module

November 17th, 2013

Version 1.2.0 available now!

Hydrogen Tag Cloud Module displays customized tag cloud on your Joomla site. You can setup tags and their links (tags will be linked to search results page). You can also specify size and color for each tag. You can see a running demo of this module (with no effects) on “What we are talking about” box in on the right of the page.

1. Available languages: english, italian;
2. Get tags from both meta keywords, metadescriptions or fulltext/introtext in articles;
3. Set the number of the tags to display;
4. Set cache time to reduce time loading or freeze your tag cloud;
5. Set the maximum and minimum font size of tags;
6. Set color for tags;
7. Set border round for tags;
8. Set the display mode of the number of occurrences;
9. Blacklist allowing prevention of unwanted tags;
10. Greenlist allowing to show specifics tag;
11. Get or exclude tags from a specific category;
12. Choose when showing underline (always, never, when mouse hovers);
13. Choose to display results in a new window or in the same window when clicking tags;
14. Set tags order;
15. Set six random background color for tags;
16. Display number of related articles occurrency;
17. Enable and combine effects: pulsate, inclination, rotation;
18. search tag in multiple language;
19. choose how to display occurrences;
20. choose text align of tag;
21. exclude shortest and longest words;
22. font size in em or px;
23. enable or disable opacity;
24. This module can be installed on unlimited Joomla websites;
25. Free updates granted until the end of Joomla 2.5 life cycle, which is expected in December 2014.